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All of Xargin’s powers are possible through the nano-machines, especially on healing the injuries of others and reviving the dead or dying. As he can project bright energy blasts from his palms to inflict harm, he can also use that same energy to heal. Any close contact with the nano-machines concerning injury and getting Amalgam blood on you leads to you getting infected. Getting healed by Xargin requires nano-machines getting in contact with human tissue--so, yeah, that leads to infection too. Whoever he saves he gives him or her to join his cause against humanity. Those he revives who resist are clearly at risk of dying again.

Xargin is the very first Amalgam (Joseph Jobson being the first person he infected), and he is the most powerful one.

The A.I. programming, or the instincts and out-of-control feelings to murder people in cold blood, originally came from Xargin’s despair and his loathing toward humanity. He’s definitely the boss Amalgam.

For a little AU back-story, I’ll mention that Xargin approached and corrupted a Xenogenesis Assault Team (XAT) commander, Wolf Goring. Wolf had become ill upon the injury he received after tazering the ex-girlfriend of a famous motorcycle racer—Gerd Frentzen. Wolf’s home base of operations is located at what’s left of XAT headquarters, in Germany. Xargin had left Wolf to take over in extinguishing the remaining humans in the country and be in charge of taking the attack through the rest of Europe. (More about Wolf to come once I get his account all set up.)

Another tidbit of AU back-story: Xargin first found and revived Weiss after taking out a guy with a gun who shot at the old exhausted horse. The asshole who once cared for the horse had worked the poor old thing so hard, and she had a broken leg. But all that went away by the time Xargin resurrected her. Weiss had been his companion since that wintry day.

(If there's anything else I feel that's vital to know about him, I'll edit it in here.)

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